Friday, September 18, 2015

IKEA Visit

Went to IKEA 2 times in this short week, one time with my parent and another time with my friend & boyfriend. It is always so much fun to visit IKEA to see all the furnitures & get ideas to re-decorate my room which is never going to happen due to my funds which goes all to my clothing + food. The second best thing about IKEA will be their food, their food is so ultra cheap and delicious. 

Ate the salmon set & chicken wings on the first day of my visit while sipping on some nice ice lemon tea that cost only $1.00 and its refillable (Y) . Then I walked around the whole IKEA, and I was so inspired to transform my room to the white color concept with white blanket, white curtain and everything white. 

And the second trip to IKEA was yesterday, I went over there after my class with one of my friend who went to crash my class ❤️ it's so fun to have her around in class! It's always exciting to crash another person class or bring another person to crash the class ~ 

Then we went over to IKEA for lunch, had the meatball spaghetti $7.90. I think their price for this dish actually increases from few years back? It's literally like satisfying both cravings (meatball & spaghetti) sadly this dish doesn't come with the special meatball sauce if not it'll be heavenly. 

Thank you for reading ❤️❤️❤️