Monday, November 9, 2015

Black Heart

Black outfits, black heart & black day. This actually seems like a dress but this outfits is actually a two piece outfit. A black crop top and tight black skirt ❤️ definitely leaning more towards the solid colors instead of prints or designs since it's much easier to match it up. 

Black heart is the title of the post as everyone heart can be good, evil, cunning, nice or kind but we will never know because what they present out front doesn't always reflect what's inside of them. 

Recently faced with some people which make me a little confused but everything else is good now. 

Despite what happened, I am still glad that I have that few trusted circle of friends that I can count on in times of needs. If people want to stay in your life, they will try and find a place there. 

Nothing good ever come smoothly in life, a few bumps and bruises here and there is just a learning journey that will help me to see more clearly about such situation in the future. 

Some nice delicious Korean beef to sparkle your day! 

Thank you for reading (: