Sunday, February 28, 2016

Korean Food Adventure ? Singkoba

Hello~ Don't all the Korean Food always look so good in photos because of all the side dishes? Visited this really delicious Korean Restaurant known as Singkoba few days back with my boyfriend, he recommended this restaurant for their amazing food quality (he's Korean so he is super picky about his food quality) there are times when we visit other Korea restaurant and he would be complaining that it doesn't taste as good as when he had them in Korea. 

But apparently he recommended me this restaurant for their amazing meat quality and good services. So I was super excited to try out their food. 

Singkoba Restaurant
155 Telok Ayer Street

We ordered their beef set to try it out, the boss was kind enough to offer us a lot of free services and side dishes when we visited. I especially adore their kimchi, fish-cake and the beansprout among all their side dishes and their kimchi jiggae (Kimchi Soup) along with the steam-egg taste really good. 

Did I ever mentioned that I am a big fans of Kimchi Jiggae? The Kimchi Soup here tasted really good unlike the ones I had outside that tasted a little bland, this one has a strong rich taste, the soup also have yummy tofu (another of my favorite) along with pork slices.
If you ever visit a Korean Restaurant, you gotta try out their steam egg in the stonepot. It's literally the perfect dishes to complete your meal. 

The delicious roasted beef that's prep and cooked by their lovely boss that's so friendly to us! Their services there is really good. I absolutely adore both the food and the services offered there. x 

To find out more:
155 Telok Ayer Street


You can get there through the nearest mrt: Tanjong Pagar and walk about 5 minutes in or basically just cab there (it's super easy to spot and find) 

Thank you for reading. x  


  1. Love it! Beautiful photo.

  2. looks so delicious! korean bbq is one of my favs!

  3. yummy, I love Korean food

  4. AWWWW You're making my mouth water so so much Birdie! I should make my hubs treat me to a feast there too! BTW my fav Korean dish is Toppoki.. And I think the Toppoki served at Bibigo has the best texture thus far.. Not sure if this place serves Toppoki as well?

    xoxo, Aldora
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    1. Aww I love toppoki too (: x I think it does, you can visit the store to check it out!!

  5. Yummy! ❤

  6. I LOVE Korean BBQ, its so fun to cook the stuff yourself (:
    Much Love Karen

  7. Looks delicous! getting hungy now :)

    x Sandra

  8. A lovely restaurant!


  9. Such a fun way to eat out and all of it looks delish!

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  10. I'm a big fan of Korean food! This looks delicious!