Friday, April 15, 2016

April WholeSaleBuying Hauls

Welcome the lovely spring with some nice floral prints, it's a simple classic piece of dress which I mentioned in my wholesalebuying's wishlist a few post back! So this dress is actually from: WholeSale Buying . It really looks super dreamy and just perfect for the spring theme.

But instead of just wearing the dress which seems pretty plain for me ,I decided to wear a caged bra inside to make it look different and I always wanted to try out the caged bra that I bought few months back but I didn't find a chance to try it out until now! 

Dress: Floral Dress

Spring is just like any other day in the year since Singapore doesn't really have cherry blossom or flower blossom so the only way to spice it up will be dressing to the spring style to make things lively. I have been trying to shop for beautiful spring clothing that fits with the summer theme as well since summer is coming up pretty soon too. 

To find out more about the dress, you can check it out here: 

This is how my bralet looks like, actually it can be wore as a top during summer with a high waisted shorts or skirt. Speaking of skirt, I also gotten another product from wholesalebuying , which is the Bodycon Skirt for $4.31! Super worth the price and the skirt color comes in white, didn't get to snap a photo of it yet but here is how the skirt look like.

Stylish Lady Women's Casual Party Fashion Stretch Bodycon Short Sexy Slim Mini Skirt

This is the perfect piece for a weekend night out, it's super comfy! The skirt also matches with everything, tank top, bralet, sweaters or just a basic top. I have been wearing it to school and sometimes during date night. It comes in different colors as well, black - rose red- blue.

If you want to find out more about their clothings and their special offer you can always visit their website: WholeSaleBuying

Skirt: Bodycon Skirt
Dress: Floral Dress

So thank you guys for reading! Hope you guys have a lovely spring ahead of you (: 


  1. Love how you changed up the look by adding a caged bra! So creative!

  2. I love your black bralette under your dress

    xoxo, ♥

  3. This floral dress is so cute! I am loving the caged bralet under it, it makes such a cool combo

    Rachel xx

  4. The dress is so perfect for spring, and the cool colors are the best! Looks so pretty on you. Have a great weekend!


  5. This floral dress is genius - you look incredible in it. Perfect for spring!

  6. I'm in love with this floral dress. It smells of summe
    You have a interesting blog
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    many kisses

  7. That dress is lovely, you looks so well in it <3

    xoxo, Best Bags for Women and Men 2016