Friday, April 29, 2016

Langkawi Day 1

Hello! I'm finally back from my trip in Langkawi so I finally have some free time to blog, I went on a 4 days 3 nights trip to Langkawi with my love. We decided to book an impromptu air ticket , flying there via tiger airline. The flight was at 1:30pm so we had our lunch in Singapore and flew there which took about an hour 20 minutes, really super fast. 

After which, we took a cab for RM24 to our hotel (Dayang Bay Hotel) it's really pretty, the pool is as good as we expected. It looks like this: 

The pool is located next to the seaside, so the view is really beautiful. It looks like it's joined together and it's very clean and really a very good ambience around the area. 

So after we check in which is about like 4-5pm, we decided to rest in for awhile to unpack and arrange everything while we decide on where to go for dinner. The Dayang bay hotel is located around Kuar area, it's a little bit far off inside so we have got to walk a distance before we find any shopping malls / restaurant. 

After we checked in we also realized that there's a weird policy in the hotel which we have to ask for a slip of paper with wifi username and password which can only be use for 5 hours so after 5 hours we gotta go ask for another slip of paper. So we decided to get 3G instead to connect our phone so we don't have to keep going down. 

After much research, we decided to hit on the wonderland restaurant which is one of the popular restaurant in Langkawi. It's pretty easy to find but the weather is really hot and humid in Langkawi so if you're going there be prepared to sweat even if you're walking just for like 5-10 minutes, we sweat everywhere we go. 

We tried out some of the local special, like fried squid, seafood fried rice, fried mantis and lobster. But be warned that if you order any seafood that needs to be measure by weight or grams, make sure to ask for exact weight if not you'll end up in a situation like us. 

The person charge us RM 126 for the lobster alone without weighting to show us or anything but it's taste quite decent so we just kind of don't really mind so much about it. In the total, the dinner cost about RM 174 inclusive of all the drinks and GST. 

After dinner we decided to explore around and visit the supermarket to get some yummy drinks, like the beer, vodka and some tonic water. The drinks here are really affordable as compared to what we usually pay for, then we chill around by the pool side and end off the day with an amazing view. 

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for my next blogpost, I'll be blogging about day 2 which consist of beach hopping, touring and some other fun activities! 


  1. Looks like fun! I love that you took an impromptu trip with your sweetie - those are the best <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  2. Wow looks super fun! The food looks so yummy! =)

    - Cielo
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  3. Looks like a fantastic outfit! Love the red shoes x

  4. amazing :)
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  5. Ohhmmy this place looks like a paradise.
    I love the seafood corner

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  6. Langkawi sounds lovely, your hotel was nice <3

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