Thursday, April 21, 2016

Nude Top

Hello! I finally finished my exam after studying and preparing exam for like a whole month that's why I was not very active on my blog. So now I finally have the time to blog in peace without worrying about memorizing papers or getting cold feet from the exam. 

Despite the busy exam schedule, I still get to do a little online shopping during my free time so I gotten a few new clothing to wear for the new term. The first item is the brown spag top that I'm wearing now: 

This is my first time having something this color in my collection, I was always a little bit afraid to try out the brown or nude color because it seems like a hard color to mix x match but life is short and it'll always be good to try out new staff especially in the world of fashion. So I thought for super long before purchasing this, it's so cute? I'm planning to get more of this top but probably in different colors. 

On the sidenote: I'm probably going to travel Bali soon (next week) so I can't wait to update my blogposts and maybe even video there too. 

Here's a preview of the next update so do stay tuned and thank you for reading ❤️

Do let me know in the comment down below, what do you guys want to see more from my blog: 

Fashion ? 
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