Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spring Date

Back to spring reality, it's so rare to find pretty blossom in Singapore so I was really happy to find this tiny tree that have really beautiful flower blooming. It's lucky that I have a clothing match by wearing the orange floral print top with shorts which is super casual and ultra simple. 

After class ended at around 3:30pm, we decided to go to Dhoby Ghaut area to have lunch over at Ahjumma. Suprisngly their kimchi Jiggae and beef bulgogi taste kinda good, it cost about $12.90 each and it even come with student discount of 10%. 

Then we saw this ninja turtle exhibition outside the Dhoby Ghaut (The Cathay). Probably for the upcoming movie: 

Then we decided to take the downtown line to Sixth Avenue, The Tea Party Cafe to try out their Rose Tea ($6.00) . It taste pretty decent but I kind of still think it have a little Panadol taste inside. We stayed there for like 1-2 hours just chit-chatting and after which we head to The Grand Stand to have dinner. 

We ordered a palatte of food over at the area for about $25, it consist of pork ribs, rib eye steak and roasted pork belly. It is delicious but it gets super oily after awhile so we didn't managed to finish everything. 

It's a super fun day because we finally went out to date after studying for the exam for a month, I realized the importance of quality time together.