Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ezbuy: Prime Service

Hello! I am here to giveaway a FREE $10 Shopper Voucher and introduced an amazing website known as ezbuy.com that allow you to shop from Taobao, Amazon and other U.S Websites! Everything is super cheap and definetely great value for money. Shopping from Taobao is way cheaper because shopping directly via the country of origins help to bypass any importer, exporter, distributor or retailers that might add hidden costs to your shopping experience!
Do read till the end to find out how you can obtain the FREE $10 Voucher! 

Ezbuy currently offer a "Prime Service" which is a subscribed membership program that allow ezbuy customers to enjoy exclusive benefits at $99.99 per year or $9.9 per month as a trial. Prime page offer millions of global items from bulky furniture, heavy fitness equipment to even the latest collections of apparels all over China, USA or other countries added to the Prime List everyday! 

The Prime MEMBER gets to enjoy benefits of: 

#1 $2.99 Flat International Shipping fees that allow customers to shop millions of global products from ezbuy, prime page and shipment at a flat $2.99 per check out regardless of item's weight or sizes. 

#2 Valued Added Services! 
Regardless of the existing membership status, the prime customer can enjoy a SVIP 50% off normal agent fee charge for any products bought from Prime Page. 

#3 Priority access to USA Time Sales! You can shop your favorite USA Brands on sales and ship them at $2.99 per check out! 

The Ezbuy Prime Service is the perfect service for you shopaholics out there to get your favorite items at the lowest price possible! So what are you waiting for ? 

Do head over to their website ezbuy to find out about the amazing Prime Service now! 

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Thank you for reading (: Have a lovely day ahead of you. x 


  1. Sounds promising.I will try your $10 voucher. Thanks, dear.


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  3. This sounds like a great service, will definitely be trying it out - thanks for sharing!

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  5. This is awesome, thanks for sharing!!

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