Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Checkered Style

Hello! Sorry for not updating this space for awhile, it's due to my overwhelming examination that has been on-going for more than 2 weeks and so. It's gonna end this Friday so after which I'll have time to post often and take more photos to spice up this space. Recently, I'm really into hiking to hike out the stress I'm facing and it's great to sweat and see all the amazing scenarios. 

Other than hiking, I have been visiting caf├Ęs to study and somehow discovered beautiful location to snap some photos admist the stress. I'm so loving this checkered top for it's casual design, it's like a halter neck top which make it look so adorable. 

It's really my favorite on the go kind of summer outfit! A checkered top with a simple white shorts, I have been wearing the sandals that I just bought recently so I can finally wear an alternative other than my usual sneakers or high heels style. 

I'm planning to purchase more casual shoes so that I can switch the shoes style as well but it can be so hard to choose a shoes with great style and quality at the same time. 

I will also be traveling to Shanghai x Hong-Kong in 2 weeks time so I'm absolutely excited and can't wait to shop for new clothing, shoes and bags to wear it during my travel. I'll be updating this space about my travel as well as on my Instagram : @birdieliau so you can follow me to follow me on my travel! 

Thank you for reading! 

Have a lovely day you guys! 

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  1. Love that checked top, so cute <3

    xoxo, http://lastestbag.com