Friday, September 23, 2016

Grey Slit Cut Top

Hello guys! As I mentioned earlier, I am gonna put more time and commitment to my blog so I am back with a Fashion Post. Today I am featuring the Grey Slit Top, which will be the first time I am wearing a mid length slit top at first when I receive the item I am like " Ugh oh, how am I gonna style it- it seems like nothing like I ever wore before and it's definetely a little bit different from my usual style" but luckily I managed to crack my brains to come up with the idea of pairing white shorts with the grey top along with some cap which seems to look alright. 

I am definetely loving all the Grey colors apparels recently, it just look so calming and such a lovely neutral color. Something different from the usual black x white x blue, so I have another favorite color adding to my closet. I recently just purchased one of the grey sneaker to try it out and I am absolutely loving it. You will probably see more of the grey sneaker photos in my upcoming post or in my Youtube Channel in all my styling video. 

Since I have been doing styling video for awhile now, I definetely find that styling video is easier to produce and make as compared to blogpost since it doesn't need to be express with words but nevertheless I am not gonna abandoned this tiny space here because this is where I started, this tiny blog is where I have grown with all my readers. 

So it's gonna be pretty interesting to vlog and blog occasionally now! So how do you find my grey slit cut out top? Yay or meh? 

Thank you for reading, below is a styling video which you can check it out to see my Autumn Style Diary. x 


  1. Looking so comfy!
    Of course I'll say yay for your grey slit top ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    xx from Tokyo,


  2. I love how you styled this top! and I would love to watch more vlogs just as much as I love reading your blog posts! :)

    May wanders

    1. Aww sure! I will upload more vlogs as well x

  3. It would look great with jeans too!

    Emma ♥

    1. Aww I should totally try it out for my next look. x