Saturday, December 31, 2016

Klarity : Skin Regime

Hey ! There are some people that private message me and ask me how I take care of my skin and stuff, so I thought I'd share about my skin regime to kick start the 2017. I have been using a wide range of skin care products from Klarity, it'll be a 4 steps skin regime so let's get started!

Firstly, the OxyMud Duo Cleanse and Renewal Mask which acts as a good cleanser. It's very interesting as the unique chocolate mud changes to oxygen foam upon usage, which literally feels like using chocolate to wash face but feels so foamy and comfortable. It helps to deep cleanse my face after a full-day with make-up on, definitely the most refreshing sensation ever.

Next, I will use the Immortal Elixir right after I use the OxyMud since it acts as both an essence and toner with human stem cells to protects and treat the skin to give my skin enough moisturize and tone my pores to make it smaller! It's also a spray-type so it's so much easier to apply than a normal toner that require a cotton-pad and extra time to apply it.

Next, another steps would be to take care of my eyes- this is a step that most people seems to forget. As the eye areas can be very delicate and as we age, it become more prone to wrinkles from the sunlight and lots of other factors. This diamond glow eye nano treatment, create an instant and intense boost around my eyes and prevent fine lines which is important!

Lastly, I will use the Diamond Glow Overnight Masque Mask once to twice a week that make my skin feel moisturize and soft after use. It glides and melts into my skin, which is perfect for overnight application that enable me to start-off the next day with perfect skin!

Apart from the usual skin-care regime, I also make sure that I drink substantial water daily and eat healthy which I will share with you guys in another post! Thank you for reading (: x have a lovely day ahead of you. If you are interested, you can check out their Instagram : @klaritysg or their website: Klarity SG

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