Saturday, August 26, 2017

Back To School With Zaful

I am super happy to review all the amazing clothes from Zaful since school is going to start in a bit for you guys, it'll be wonderful to get all the pretty Back To School Clothing from Zaful to fill up your wardrobe for this semester! Here's some of the pieces, I wore during my short 5 days 4 nights Krabi| Thailand. In the above picture, I wore their bikini button from Zaful and it's just super comfortable and flattering, you can find out more from their Back To School Clothing section for a wide selection of bikinis!

Here's another amazing off shoulder floral dress which I absolutely love, I wore it on the first day during my trip and it's so comfy even during the flight and I just love the simple design that seems to scream summer with the perfect combination of blue and white floral design. You can find out more: Floral Print Long Dress

Another one of my favorite will be this crotchet flower blue midi dress, I always wanted to try out this kind of dress and it usually comes in either red or white but I am so thrill to find out that Zaful actually have this crotchet dress in blue and size that I want. Can't believe I actually hike up 1237 steps in this crotchet dress and survive, this dress is super comfortable and just fit my body shape perfectly. Find out more: Cami Crochet Flower Midi Dress

Here's some of my favorite pick from their Back To School Clothing! Firstly, it'll be this Palm Leaf Print Padded Bikini Set which is super adorable and who won't like Palm Leaf? It screams out summer and it's the perfect casual bikini for your photos, you can get it over at Back To School for $13.49!

Next, another outfit that caught my eyes will be this V Shaped Back Ruffles Strap Flare Dress! I absolutely love the color and the simple design that flow so beautifully and it's absolutely the perfect daily dress that can be wore for any occasion | dinner | date | school | night out. Get yours now over at their Back To School , for only $13.49. 

That's all for today! Hope you guys enjoy the post, if you wanna see a video review of all my Zaful Haul : you can check it out below on my YouTube / Instagram. Have a lovely day ahead of you  


  1. That off-shoulder Floral Print Long Sleeve Dress from Zaful is very pretty, as is the Cami Crochet Flower Midi Dress! You look fabulous wearing them. That Pink V Shaped Back Ruffled Strap Flare Dress looks pretty as well.
    P.S.: I just watched your KRABI ADVENTURE | TRAVEL | LIFESTYLE video on YouTube and love it (and subscribed :D )

  2. Loving your Zaful picks

    Emma ♥

  3. Their dresses are simple but so lovely <3

    xoxo, Best hat for women