Thursday, August 3, 2017

J&J Hair Identity Salon | Brand New Hair

Thank you J&J Hair Identity x Sample Store for inviting me down to your hair salon and correct my uneven hair tone, over here you can see the drastic difference between the before (Grey Dress) and after (blue blouse) . I absolutely love that J&J hair identity salon help me achieve a healthier looking hair with their Natulique natural hair colors product- I decided to choose to go with the color black and their amazing hair stylist help me add a little touch of a few ash blue highlights on my hair as well which is wonderful. Let me bring you around J&J Hair Identity Salon: 

This hair salon is located over at : 88 East Coast Road, #02-11 Katong Square, 423371 , it's pretty accessible by public transport or you can just Grab/Uber down and the salon ambience is really chill and I just feel super comfortable there since it's very clean and I just adore the minimalistic open-concept design of the hair salon. 

The service provided by J&J Hair Identity is wonderful, their hair stylist is super helpful and advice me about the coloring and benefits of Natulique's hair coloring as it's a Certified Organic Professional hair colors that's ECOCERT Certified so it's less damaging to the hair and I can feel the difference throughout the dyeing process as the Natulique's product does not have a pungent smell and it does not hurt my scalp throughout the whole process which is absolutely wonderful. 

Since I visited their hair salon at about afternoon time with an empty tummy, their hair stylish was super sweet and caring to provide me with more yummy snacks and green tea to fill my tummy during the hair dyeing process. Not to mention, she was super kind to recommend and provide me with directions on how to get to Somerset.

I thought my hair texture will become worst after the coloring process but it actually looks and feels healthier, more silky and I am super satisfied with this black hair color which is super pretty with the ash blue highlights that adds on to its uniqueness. I will definitely recommend Natulique's hair coloring to people that wants to dye their hair without damaging the hair. 

For out more about Natulique's product: and you can read more reviews over at for more real-life experience! Thank you for reading, have a lovely day ahead of you!