Wednesday, February 7, 2018

First Gamiss Valentine's Day Hauls

I am so excited to share with you guys my special hauls from Gamiss, it's my first time trying out the clothing items from Gamiss and I was just so excited to see how it turns out! The clothes arrived faster than I thought and the quality of all the items I received are top-notch amazing! Firstly, I gotten this H.O.N.E.Y top because I always wanted to try a red cropped top but didn't have the chance to and this top is just super eye-catching! I am so in love with this top & could't stop wearing it around because it's just so comfortable! 

Get yours now: H.O.N.E.Y Tank Top ($12.74)

Other than getting the summer tank top, I also gotten my first ever wool blender duster coats from Gamiss for my upcoming Korea trip! The colors turn out nicer than I thought, it's really warmth & I think it can really be a great coat to bring around during my travel and I absolutely can't wait to put it into good use! For a more close-up of this coat review, you can check out the video below! 

Get yours now: Khaki Coats ($25.82) 

Overall, I am really happy with the Gamiss items which turned out to be so wonderful! The site have a whole range of amazing clothing just waiting to be discover, it's the must-visit site to get the perfect outfit for your valentine's day! Check it out now for affordable and beautiful clothing: Gamiss Thank you for reading! Have a lovely day ahead of you x 

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