Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Invisalign Journey Jul'18- Mar'19

Today kinda marks my last day with Invisalign! With my 8 months of experience with Invisalign, I decided to share with you guys about it & hopefully it'll help many others that are planning to embark on their straight teeth journey! 

Backstory: The reason why I decided on "Invisalign" instead of the traditional braces, the main reason will be the time to complete the whole thing (traditional braces will take about 2 years or so for the whole process) while Invisalign only takes about 6 months or more depending on your teeth situation. 

Let's talk about the hassle/ issues I faced while wearing Invisalign: 

1) Snacking : 

This was one major issue for me because F.Y.I it's recommended for you to wear the invisalign' tray for 22 hours a day in order for it to be effective in moving your teeth. I really like to snacks a lot throughout the day since I tend to eat small portion of meal x 5 / 6 times a day, the issue wasn't about the eating. It's more of the "I have to brush my teeth after every meal I consumed, be it a slice of apple/ a single bite of a cake?!" - and trust me, it's really not easy to brush in public areas like the shopping mall or cafe. 

2) 22 hours: 

22 hours = Problem No.2 | I am a rebel at heart, so there are times when I don't stick to the 22 hours regime (it's only during the start of my treatment, I decided to just stick to it after rebelling for awhile) . Trust me, there's a reason why it's stated that you must wear it for 22 hours a day. During my wisdom tooth removal which happened during my invisalign' journey, I could't wear it back on the first day in order to protect the wound dressing and my teeth shifted in the short span of 12 hours?! And the tray feels so much tighten for me!  

So if you're thinking of getting Invisalign, you might want to consider whether you can stick to the 22 hours regime. 

3) Brushing 

Due to my over-brushing (if there's even such word) , my teeth condition seems more dire than pre-invisalign . It's so much more sensitive towards hot/ cold drinks and I notices that there's definetely some teeth enamel loss and I'm hoping that my teeth condition will improve overtime after my invisalign's journey ends. 

4) Taking out your tray 

The mess you gonna make when you pop out your invisalign before having a meal with your friends & families, you probably don't wanna do it in front of someone that you just met. Trust me, you just can't help it when the saliva is stuck to the tray when you pull it out hahh (it's not a great sight) | One of the many reason why I am so great, this is over. 

But overall, Invisalign really plays an important role in straightening my teeth and increase my overall awareness in taking care of my teeth (since I brush & floss so regularly throughout the whole invisalign course) and I'm definitely loving & am proud of my straighter teeth! So yeap, hope this help! x 


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