Monday, March 11, 2019

Love Blossom Party | Häagen-Dazs

"With my little brother! Floral Twinning"A well-spent weekday over at the Love Blossom Häagen Dazs Party! It's hosted over at the Häagen-Dazs Cafe (ION Orchard), when we entered the cafe we were greeted by such a strong floral aroma which was so sweet and calming! The whole floral theme was inspired by their Limited Edition Spring Floral Flavors which I find very enchanting and unique.

I have my fair shares on eating & trying out different varieties of ice-cream since young and it's really my virgin experience trying out floral flavors ice-cream so it's all really new & exciting for me! And I am so please to be able to try out their Limited-Edition Jasmine Raspberry & Pomegranate ice cream + their Orange Blossom Ice Cream which taste really heavenly!

The Häagen-Dazs - Orange Blossom Iced Tea- is officially my new favorite drink, as a tea lover- this drink have the perfect blend of orange-infused Early Grey and mint topped with just the right amount of Orange Blossom ice-cream and you'll not believe it when I say there's even seasonal fruits inside the drink! The drinks looks and taste superb winsome!

While sipping my lovely blossom iced tea, we also got to learn the language of flower from some of the florist experts and made our own flower crown! It's intriguing to learn the different meanings of flowers and how it can be used to express emotions and feelings in a subtle manner! With some trial and error along with the help of some really wonderful and lovely florist, I manged to make my own kinda floral crown :

Next up, I am so in love with their Love Blossom High Tea Set! It's absolutely lovely and scrumptious! Literally all my favorite afternoon tea snacks in a set, it consists of the dainty ice cream scoops in a tart, assorted pastries, seasonal fresh fruits that comes with warm chocolate fondue sauce which is really exquisite! It's superb delicious and filling, I am definitely going back for more!  

My brother and I are planning to get 3 pints of the Love Blossoms Series home since we really love it so much! The two new flavors are currently available in Pints and Stickbars, you can find out more about it on Häagen-Dazs ! We really had so much fun over at the party and it's all thanks to Häagen-Dazs and REDHILL Communications for the amazing invitation and for making us feel like home during the party! 

Thank you for reading x 


  1. Your time at the Häagen-Dazs Love Blossom Party looks like it was very happy, pleasant and pretty, and the deserts look very tasty. The floral arrangements and the crown you made looked very pretty. Learning the different meanings of flowers and how they are used to express emotions sounds wonderful.