Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Blog

Hey!! So I decided to start afresh and start a new blog since it's a new year and everything has obviously changed from last year, so why not start something new that I hopefully can keep up and constantly update it with. 

My school term is nearly coming to an end already, 2 more months of it and I think I'll kinda miss it and I will have 4 more months before the new term start again. I am already thinking and planning what I am gonna do during that 4 months, probably travel alone overseas- backpacking trips to Europe. Get a part-time job for the very first time, to gain experience or volunteer at the library as a helper (Y). I might even sign up for tennis class, I got this crazy fetish for sun kissed skin tennis player. 
 Look at that leg, how sexy is that. 

I preferred the beach skin babe rather than pastel white skin color which I kind of have, trying to figure out how I can get tanner so I'll look more tone and fit. Speaking of fit, I am totally engrossed with working out. At first I started out as a way to actually add exercise in my daily routine but later on as I try out more DVD, it changed into something more serious with goals and I can't help but to workout everyday, it's so good that it actually relieve stress and at the same time I enjoyed sweating. 

I started out with really light weight like 1.5kg which at first I thought is super hella light until I actually workout with it, it weights like a freaking dinosaur. But I kind of gotten used to it which means I need to buy more weights and increase the amount as human body kind of adapts easily but yeah, I'm so happy that I have parent that actually support me in this and even encourage me to get weights and workout(: , it's like a family thing now! My mom and brother are totally into working out too :D 

I think that's all for now before it turns into some long essay for my first blog post. :D 


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