Thursday, June 27, 2013


Thinking of joining color run with my babe but it's 5km and I scare I will faint halfway and can't make it since I am a lousy runner but the color run is just too interesting to give it a miss. Imagine running with color and staining your shirt, hair and everything, it's just wonderful. I'm sure I will love the feeling, so color run it's . 

Recently read a book known as " time between us" , it's the most romantic book ever. It talks about a guy who travelled through time and get to know a girl from the 1995 and they fell in love, things got a little bit chaotic and he went back for awhile and in the end he choose to stay. If only this kind of things exist in real life, falling in love in books and movies seems easy but real life falling in love is hard and relationship is not as perfect. 


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