Thursday, July 25, 2013

Travel Essential

Hey! I'll be blogging about traveling essential today as I'm flying to Kuala Lumpor today also known as K.L in part of Malaysia. So I'll be blogging about what I'll be bringing over with me throughout this traveling journey. 

For starter, obviously a traveling bag is a must. So I'm with my St.Louis purple bag, it'll be my hand carriage which is way easier than bulky luggage unless I'm traveling to a very far location that required hours and hours of flight. 

Another essential will be all my daily usage, like cleanser, moisturizer and sunblock! SPF is a must everywhere and it shall not be neglected plus sunglasses! 
Another essential which will be a huge headache for me is which is choosing what type of clothes and how much clothes to bring throughout the trip! No one will want to overpack and under pack for the trip right. 
Throughout the trip I pick 2 pair of shorts,  1 T-Shirt, one tank top plus a pair of sleepwear and undergarment needed. I'll mostly wear sports bra while traveling as it's more comfortable for me!  

I also love to read during the flight so I'll bring at least one storybook with me, so book will totally be my essential if not the flight will totally bored me out if the book turned out to be boring , I'll most likely doze off to sleep. 

Lastly, I think it'll be camera to take photography! It's so important as time can't be stop and every minute that we are living, it'll be the past in the blink of an eye so the only tool to save the memories will be photography which I'll love to print out when I'm back to paste on my wall to add to my collection. But I'm not those expert photographer so I just use my handy tool - iPhone to take photos. 

My #OOTD before I board the plane. 

So what's your traveling essential ? (: 



  1. I'm flying to KL this Sunday! :D
    I HAVE to wear comfy clothes on the plane and have music or a good book (:
    Have a great trip!

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

    1. Really ? (: I just reached here! Have fun on Saturday! Hehe thanks! xx

  2. You're so lucky! Yup you're definitely bringing the right things and I'd say you're prepared. Great ootd by the way :)

    Style Vancity

  3. Nice post! Have fun on your trip!

  4. My travelling essential is a book! great post!

  5. nice bag, nice clothes!
    Have a great weekend!
    Kisses. Judy

  6. Cool have a great time in your trip. The must essential I need when I travel sunglasses,SPF.

  7. Great!

  8. I've a long list of travelling essential but on the top of the list is always a sunblock =)
    Have fun in KL! =)

  9. Nice post (:
    Love it!

  10. I always need sunscreen and books! Nice post :)


  11. I don't travel that much. But when I do I always bring a camera with me. :)

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  12. Nice post^^
    Thank you for your comment on my blog, I would like to follow each other, let me know ^^


  13. Have fun!