Monday, January 20, 2014

Kimono Cardigan - Zara

Cardigan : Zara (Kimono) 
Top: Cotton On (Tank Top) 
Shorts : StarGazingWithYou (Daisy) 
Shoe : Boots 

So today I'm wearing the kimono that I bought a week ago, I really love the design when I saw it I'm like why is it so delicate and pretty. It's super Japanese culture like which I really enjoyed, it's like one of a kind especially I don't see much clothing have unique design at the back as usually it's more focus on the front design where it's more visible. 

Though it look a little like sleepwear but the material is super comfortable and it can really passed as a sleepwear kind of kimono. If you actually get kimono, you'll really stand out from the crowd! 

Also the boots I bought overseas finally arrived after 2-3 weeks of waiting, it's super comfy due to the soft fur inside and it fit me perfectly and I realized the most important thing when purchasing stuff online will be knowing your exact fit if not imagine when the items arrived and it don't fit! 

Recently I watch a video about not expressing your true emotions, it really got into me like I feel exactly the same as what's showed on the video, like I just can't express my true feelings well scaring about the what if and not really doing it which resulted in missed opportunities. But who dares to put their feelings out on the front line not knowing whether it will end in disastrous or happiness. Maybe I should express my true feelings more, how about you guys? (: 


  1. That Kimono its awesome you look very pretty with it.

  2. The kimono is beautiful, love the ethnic print, very pretty on you!Thanks for lending me your thoughts on the SAG Awards.

  3. Wonderful kimono, it is perfect on you. Beautiful style :)

  4. Such a good color on you!

  5. What a beautiful kimono! You look stunning in it!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  6. The kimono top is gorgeous... such a cute outfit :)

  7. Super cool cardigan! Very unique and pretty. Great styling job!

  8. fajnie to wygląda!

  9. Pretty! x

  10. Love the pattern on the kimono and love it paired with those brown boots.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  11. I love how you paired this kimono! Beautiful!

  12. You look so great! Loving this outfit :)