Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bali Trip Day 1

Top: Forever 21 
Cardigan: Cotton On 
Bottom: High Waisted Jeans 
Shoes: Boots 
Accessories: Beach Hat 

I absolutely miss Bali so much right now, it's an amazing trip to relax and just forget about the rest of the world. The people in Bali are absolutely friendly and amazing, they're like so nice complimenting my hair on street and some even say "hi" even though I don't know them. Some took pictures of me and I'm guessing it's due to my uncommon hair color there. 

The first day was hilarious, so I thought the flight was around 5am so I woke up at 1am to prepare and ended up the flight was actually 7am so I thought my whole family missed the flight and I started to panic like crazy but ended up we didn't so it was really embarrassing. 

Anyway, my outfit choice for the first day was horrible cause the weather was unexpectedly hot and I was in jeans. Furthermore, we are supposed to go sightseeing around Bali island and it was just so hot and humid that I didn't even know how I pulled through the day. 

But Bali sculpture and scenery are just breathtaking, it's very different from Singapore. The surrounding are just full of greenery, ancient buildings, temples and lots of handicraft shops. 

For the first day we went around Bali island traveling to see the sculpture before checking in the hotel, the hotel was pretty and there are this pool side beside the room! So that basically sums up the 1st day in Bali before going around the nightmarket street to find food for dinner~ 

Let's end the update Bali Day 1 with the wonderful dinner, the food there was so damn delicious that will be the one thing I missed most there. It's also one of the reasons that my appetitie got way bigger after I came back. 

#FitnessTips - If you're going overseas and there are no means of access to gym or any fitness related stuff, just walk around more often for shopping/ sightseeing/ take photos. It'll burn calories still and keep your heart rates up,  so it'll be better than just sitting around and doing nothing! (: 

Thank you for reading the blogpost, have a wonderful day! x 


  1. I love your outfit here! That oversized flowy jacket is so cute!

  2. I hope you went to Amed while on you're trip. It was so beautiful when I went there 2 years ago. We also went to Ubud and Munduk! It was such a great experience.

    xoxo, ♥

  3. mmm that food looks so good! Also, again, I'm going to comment on how much I love your hair. Beautiful post! xx

    <(') Hoda || JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

  4. Again, I am so jealous you got to go to Bali. That is on my trip of go-to destinations for sure. I've heard great things and you don't seem disappointed at all. I like your tip on burning the calories at the end of your post there - I always put on weight on holiday so if there isn't a gym in my hotel I should just go on lots of walks. The weather in Bali certainly wouldn't put me off! Rosemary x

  5. You have awesome hair and that food looks amazing!!!

  6. How cool to visit Bali you look stunning awesome hair.

  7. did you change your hair ? xo

  8. Love the outfit.
    Julie |