Saturday, June 21, 2014

BeautyPost : Beaute Forest Mask

Beaute Forest Mask// Samplestore

All my readers are entitled to redeem Beaute Forest Mask, do read till the end to find out how to redeem it! (: 

Super thrilled when I received the Beaute Forest Mask to do reviews as the weather is getting pretty hot, yesterday the temperature was around 34 degree Celsius and I nearly die of heat stroke. 

So masks are totally an essential in weather like this. 

It's my first time trying out the brand and personally I love the moisturizing effects it does to my skin making it smoother which allows me to put on the rest of my make up with much ease after applying the mask. 

Oh!! The price is super affordable too, it range from $8.90 to $10.90 per box. Each box comes with 4-6 sheets of mask. 

There are 5 different types of Beaute Forest Mask.

1) Q10& Silk Protein Fine Fairness Mask 
- This mask helps to nourish the face and promotes former and skin elasticity. 

Super great for people who are working long hours and not getting enough rest, to use this mask to replenish all the elasticity effects. 

2) Milk & Cherry Blossom Moisturizing Mask 
- Milk tha nourishes skin for smoother and softer skin perfect before any important events or dates! 

Perfect to moisturize the dry skin especially during hot weather, to give the skin a good treatment and pampering effects. 

3) Truffle & Resveratrol Whitening Mask 
- helps to lighten skin tone and provides overall skin renewal. 

Wanna stay white and pale with flawless skin during the hot summer? (: this is the perfect mask to help achieve the whitening and skin renewal effects to remove dead skin. 

4)Witch Hazel & Chamomile Soothing Mask
- Natural astringent , ultra soothing effects on skin. 

After a long day, what's more perfect than using a mask to get all the stress away and make the skin smooth and silky. 

5) Aloe & Cactus Moisturizing Pack 
- Consist of Aloe & Cactus Mask & Moisturizing Lotion for after use. 

- provides hydration and nourishment for skins. 

Perfect 2-in-1 packet to keep skin hydrated even after using the mask! (: 

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Thank you for reading the post! What do you guys think about the mask? 

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