Friday, June 13, 2014

OOTD: Colorful Mix + Kawaii Sushi

Hat: Hater's Hat 
Cardigan: Cotton On 
Bottom: Forever 21 
Top: Forever 21 
Shoes: Cotton On 

Singapore weather is getting so humid and hot so I fell sick for a couple of time this month, I picked up this simple outfit with a cardigan and shorts for a sick day to look more colorful and less sick. Took the photo at the Botanical Garden Stadium, super nice place to exercise during evening and just chill. 

During the few days that I'm sick and stuff, I kind of took the time off to visit new sushi place in Singapore. There's one in Orchard Gateaway, known as Genki Sushi. It's the cutest sushi place ever, the restaurant serve food in Hello Kitty plate and there's this little train that deliver your food. 

The price is fairly affordable and the portion is just nice, the best thing about the sushi place is that it serve western food. Like a mixture of cultural style so you don't just have to focus on having Japanese food there. 

I'm so blown away by the train, cute plates and high technology ordering system (I kind of still live in the Stone Age of wanting to get my orders down in paper & pen) . 

Anyway, what do you think of about my outfit? Have you visited sushi restaurant like that? 

Thanks for reading (: 


  1. I love your OOTD location, so cool. That sushi train should run all the way to my house. It's so cute!!

    xoxo, ♥

  2. I love your outfit and your photos!


  3. Very stylish look, love your cardi. Delicious looking food. :)
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  4. Love this look! You look so stylish <3

  5. We love this look, beautiful photos. Hello dear stay in touch.


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  6. Wonderful pictures. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa