Tuesday, July 15, 2014

OOTD: White x White

Top: Tribal Tank Top 
Bottom: White Fluffy Skirt 
Shoes: Tribal Shoes 
Bag: MCM 

Decided to try on White x White cause white will always be my favorite color. It's like the best color to go with any design, it's also perfect for the summer weather to shine and soak in the sun. 
The lovely tribal prints on the top also brings out a simple feel to complete the look I pair it with the tribal shoes with bling bling feathery design to match the whole outfit. 

Currently, I'm still schooling and for my university term there isn't any summer break so I'm trying to maintain between having school and fun without flunking my assignments and exams. For this month, I have visited a few interesting places around Singapore and I absolutely understand the fun of being a tourist in a country you lived in for years. 

It break the normal routine of shopping, movie or just cafe hopping but instead going for an impromptu and adventurous outing will always be much more fun. Will update more about my trip in my next few updates. 

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  1. Adorable outfit, soooo cute Birdie!

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  2. This look suits you so well! I love the sandals you chose and you look completely fabulous in this white dress. Brilliant styling!

  3. Lovely dress so cute :)
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