Monday, July 14, 2014

The wonders of beauty

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask 

Sponsored: Sample Store & MegRhythm 

This is like one of the best beauty product I have got to review about, it's like a self-heated eye mask. Once you open and put it on, it'll gradually rises up to 40 degree but it won't burn the eyes instead it's super smoothing and let the eyes relax after a long day. I was super excited to try it on, I put it throughout the whole night and it actually made me sleep better and woke up with brighter eyes. 

The eye mask heats up slowly, giving me a relax and warm feeling that's perfect for healing my eyes. 

Especially after a long days in school or going out cause I tend to be on my phone 24/7 or using my computer, with all that it actually strain my eyes so it's really wonderful to find something to heal my eyes when I'm sleeping. 
The mask comes in this really cute design, carefully wrapped in the packet to maintain the cleanliness and quality. (: and each eye mask can only be use once which is disposable easy to bring along for overseas traveling. 

It comes in 4 different boxes, with different flavoring. 

1) Camomile 
2) Lavender 
3) No Scent 
4) Rose 

This allows me to chose the scent that I'm most comfortable with (: 

This is a photo showing how the mask gradually heats up and water droplets are capture in the glass which I still find it super fascinating how it can actually heats up on its own. 


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For more information: Please refer to their Instagram @MegRhythmSG or 

If you're interested in getting the steam eye mask, you can always get it at any drugstores e.g. Guardian Or Watsons. 

Do head over to to redeem a sample of the steam eye mask too! (: 

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