Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cosmo Las Vegas Style

Las Vegas Morning

White crop top
$34 -

All Things Fabulous mini shorts
$155 -

Vans zip handle bag
$48 -

Wet Seal imitation jewelry


Today I will be creating 2 different style for the day at Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas,  one of the premier hotel in the area! It's a post dedicated to after their Style director approached me for the styling challenge. 

The above will be the day-time style, something funky and relaxing. Perfect for exploring around Las Vegas, with comfortable Adidas shoes that can last throughout the day without hurting the feet. A perfect zip backpack to carry around necessary stuff, with a crop top and shorts to complete the day time look. 

I think for day-time especially for tourist, it'll be best to aim for the comfortable style instead of looking all too glamorous but making the whole trip uncomfortable due to painful blister, heavy handbags etc. 

 Las Vegas Night Style

This will be the Night style, a vintage London Lady Dress with a pair of SSense High Heels. Perfect for any events or dinner at night, accessories like watches and jewelry can never be left out in the whole outfit! The focus of the outfit will be the Moschino's Bag which look classic and cute at the same time.

Hope you like the transition of morning simple outfit of top and shorts to something elegant at night! Thank you for reading~ Do head over to to find out more.

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