Saturday, October 11, 2014

City Lights+ Sun Protection

Burning under the city light, went shopping at Orchard Road the other day! Miss my daisy skirt so much that I am wearing it again, a simple Lacey crop top with daisy skirt for the day. Perfect for the night time cause there's no sunlight so I can just wear skirt without worrying about sunblock and protection against the sun! 

I'm really into anti-aging during this year and I realize sun is one big aspect that causes aging so I'll try to not go out without sunblock or any sun protection! So night time is absolutely my favorite time of the day~ But I tend to go out during the day too so it's important to have a good rountine. 

Since I'm at this topic, so how do I do my sun protection rountine? 

For Face: 
1) I'll apply sunscreen, BB-Cream with SPF and ensure that it covers my whole face and neck! I'll tend to chose BB cream with high SPF and as for sunscreen, I'll try to reapply every few hours to ensure full coverage and protection! 

For Body: 
1) Sunblock, Sunblock and more Sunblock. Sunblock is very important, I use SPF 50 on my body on areas that are not cover by clothing. 

2) Try to wearing protective clothing, like jeans or long shirt which sometimes is not possible so sunblock does goes a long way in ensuring full protection! 

3) Some people like to carry umbrella or wear big hats? But that's not my style, so I don't actually do that but it's good for sun protection too! 

Lastly, certain amount of sun exposure is actually good for health! This kind of prevention is just for my own personal perferences (: and thank you for reading! Do let me know if you have any other tips for sun protection? 


  1. Nice post :)


  2. I don't have to bother about sun now. It's nearing winter!

    xoxo, ♥