Wednesday, October 15, 2014

PinkyParadise Lens

Sponsored: PinkyParadise 

Kindly sponsored by PinkyParadise just when my last contact lens is nearly finished, received their contact lens a few days ago. I choose their Venus Brown Circle Lens which is really this soft and adorable shade of brown that matches well with my eye colors. Their services are really good, answering all my inquiries and the package comes in registered mail which is something I really value when looking for an online shop to shop at! Their store have a high varieties of contact lens to chose from, from various different brands. They even have famous brand like Geo Lens. 

Venus Eye Brown Lens: SGD 25.90 

Their circle lens is really comfortable and my eyes doesn't feel any discomfort when I am wearing them , putting my Venus Lens on only took me less than 3 minutes. I really love Circle Lens cause it's help to make the eyes look bigger and look more enchanting. This will probably be the first time I am wearing a yearly contact lens, I think it helps to save money as compared to when I am using the monthly contact lens. 

The lens I am wearing now is: 14 mm , Origin: South Korea

The difference between having contact lens and without is quite noticeable , my eyes is originally brown so when I wear contact lens it just makes my eyes look bigger without the color difference. So contact lens in total does make a difference and Venus Eyes lens is just the lens I am looking for that's compatible with my real eyes colors! 

The PinkyParadise are really generous, other than sponsoring me with the contact lens. They even provide free gifts along with the contact lens: contact lens case and the hair pin thingy which is a great help in keeping my hair off my face! Not to mention, the contact lens case is really adorable! 

Do head over to : to get the brown lens now or to look around for more stuff! 

Thank you for reading! ~~ Do you guys actually wear circle lens as well? 


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