Sunday, October 19, 2014

School Girl & Slappy Cake

Sweater over a black dress, rainy day best choice! It has been raining quite hard lately, so it can get pretty cold for awhile then it'll get quite humid after the rain so I chose this outfit cause it can provide the warmth I needed during the rain and if I feel a little bit hot afterwards I can take out the sweater and it'll just be a simple black dress. 

Super love how the sweater isn't made out of super thick material so I won't sweat under it, sweating when wearing any outfit will be the last thing on my list

Selecting some sauces from the farmer's market at my favorite place, this place sell lots of organic items which is super healthy! 

Went to Slappy Pancake the other day with my friend, to try the pancake and their breakfast set! I was really hungry so I chose the all day breakfast set at like 4pm ? But their portion is very huge and I can't finish it at all. The above is their lemonade drinks, it comes in various flavors : Lavender lemonade and Slappy Lemonade! Super adorable flavors and I absolutely love it~ 

That's their classic breakfast set, it comes with bacons, scramble eggs, toasted bread and lots of potatoes. I feel like it's like 3 person portion? I took like 30 minutes and I still haven't even finish half of it. But it's so yummy, I love how they bake the potatoes! Super refreshing taste (: definitely a place to visit!! 

Thank you for reading (: 


  1. How cool! So yummy!

  2. such a lovely post, looks yummi!!


  3. What a cute post! You are supper cute! and love how you mastered the layering art for both type of weather. And I love having breakfast late in the day too, my favorite meal of the day actually! Thanks for visiting my blog! And btw, the lavender lemonade sounds really good!!! xoxo, Jeannette

  4. Cute post! The food looks so so delicious. Hope you enjoyed it! I love the way you layered in these pictures. Looking so adorable!


  5. love your outfit! the food looks good