Thursday, October 23, 2014

Uneven Tanned

Finally a day when the sun isn't so hot and the weather feels just right after the rain! Went Malaysia for 3 days 2 night of stay during the holiday~ good to be back to reconnect with friends and just have some peace while I'm there. Wearing the grey crop top, denim jeans and sneaker for the day. Very easy going look~ 

I also added the cardigan to the whole outfit cause it was a little cold after the rain. Anyway, let's talk about uneven tanned. I used to love self tanning under the sun and just soak in all the vitamins but what I didn't know is that tanning requires skill. So I just basically go to the beach and tanned thinking that well it will be even but what I didn't know was that, it resulted in uneven tanned skin. 

It gets a little bit weird especially after I stop tanning cause the stomach part of my body tend to be hide by the shirt so it's exceptionally whiter whereas my shoulder is a bit more tanned. Now I'm trying to get it even by wearing clothes that cover almost all part of my body. 

I like tanning a lot too but tanned skin doesn't suit me well, I'm absolutely envious of those people with golden tanned which is super sporty like! 

Tips for getting your natural skin color back: Try to wear sunblock more often, exfoliate the skins twice a week and drink water. If all that still doesn't work, do consult a Determologist~! 

Have you guys ever try tanning before? (: 

Anyway, thank you for the response on my " Thoughts on Halloween" post. It really made me understand more about other countries culture and practice about Halloween which is interesting!! x 

Thank you for reading. Here's some minions photo for you~ 


  1. Hello Birdie! I am not the best person to talk about tanning because I always stay away from the sun. To get color I use self tanning lotions. Right now I a loving the Jergens Natural Glow. Thanks for sharing your experience. I still exfoliate before applying the lotions and it works great for me. Take care! XOXO, Jeannette

  2. Hi beautiful Birdie
    What amazing style
    So lovely and chic

  3. i wish i could tan..all i do is burn haha

  4. You look awesome with your skin color(: