Thursday, November 20, 2014

11.19- Turning 18

It's all too fast, 11/19/1996. This year 18th birthday celebration is wonderful(: , meet up with precious people in my life. 
(Family, BestFriends, Boyfriend) 
It'll be a pretty long post since I did quite a few different stuff so read on~ 
That's my outfit on (11.18) , We had dinner at 1Market Buffet Dinner at Plaza Singapura for dinner! The food is super delicious. So grateful for the facts that my family actually make time to celebrate with me(: and singing me birthday song when it's 00:00 ! 

Super thankful for all the happy birthday wishes via texts/ instagram/ call! It's really sweet and thoughtful of you guys. ❤️ 

Actual Day: 19/11/2014

Meet up with my bestfriend to have a quick bites at Spruce, thank you for the gifts and the catch up even though you're busy! We had the carrot cake there with lemonade! 

Can't actually believe how sweet he's , that he leave me feeling warm and fuzzy even after the celebration. Thank you for planning for my birthday few days in advance. 

 Picking girl from their home for date which seems to be long forgotten but he did it again, forever the gentleman. We went to take the neoprint together, the above photo is the sneak peek! 

Then we hang around at Orchard for a little cafes and stuff, before heading to this secret location that he keep mentioning we must be there by 7pm~ I'm actually dumbfounded that he reserve a table at a restaurant that look so romantic and the feel just so nice. 

The food is yummy, I ate quite a lot! But what really taken me by surprise was this: 

The " Happy Birthday~ Love you.. Sweet Birdie" chocolate and cake! Totally didn't see that coming, I'm just like so happy at the moment and grateful for everything that he have done cause it's takes lots of effort and time for all that. 

Then we hang around Clark Quey afterward to have red wine before heading home! 

In total, thank you for everything you have done 오빠~ it's really sweet and nice of you. Can't express how much I love it in words. Also, thank you for my family and friends for making this day special and perfect for me. 

Meet up with few of my babes on the next day, super fun to hang out with them and have delicious food to catch up! Friends for life, thank you for the gifts and time spend ❤️ ! Love all of you guys to the moon and back~ 

Thank you for reading the post! (: it's probably my first lifestyle related post. 


  1. Happy Birthday xxxx

    Big hugs from Dublin

  2. Happy belated birthday dear!
    Hope you have had fun!
    I invite you to join my giveaway!

  3. Happy Birthday!! You and your boyfriend look so cute!


  4. Cute pics :)
    Kisses Emina

  5. Happy belated birthday, looks like a really amazing celebration!

    Reflection of Sanity

  6. Your boyfriend is adorable! The little message on the cake was so cute.
    HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY BIRDIE. You're the best.

    xoxo, ♥

  7. Happy birthday!