Monday, November 24, 2014

Wander Eyes : Christmas Light

It's one month to Christmas but there are Christmas Decorations everywhere in Orchard Road! Anyway, I changed my website design to suit the Christmas Theme what do you guys think? 

I actually went to Orchard with my friends to watch " Mocking Jay" didn't exactly plan to take photo until I saw all the pretty decoration and as usual I can't resist to stop and take photo! It's all along the street of Orchard to Somerset. 

Took this in one of the cute little house, with pink lighting and decoration! Luckily, I wore my white dress if not I'll literally blend into the background. The white dress was a gift from my friend for my birthday, absolutely loving it so much now!! 

Took this at one of the swing and unicorn decoration! I love to take photo at the swing cause it's just so adorable and I was like worried half of the time that it'll break when I'm taking photo. 

Anyway, the Mocking Jay movie wasn't as excited as I thought it'll be. Just hope it'll be more interesting in Mocking Jay Part 2. (: nevertheless, it's a nice day spend taking photos and talking. 

Selfie with the boyfriend! ❤️ 

Let's be pink together! ❤️ favorite bae! 

Thank you for reading (: hope you guys like the changes to my website design for the upcoming Christmas! 


  1. Such a nice color to paint a wooden swing!

    xoxo, ♥

  2. you look so adorable <3 the sweet pink background suits you!

  3. You're so cute and so are these pictures
    Looks like a great time

  4. You look great, sweeetie! Love your new blog template too! xoxo
    Luxury Haven

  5. You are so cute! l love all of the Christmas lights... and the PINK! :D


    1. Kekeke thank you (: x I love the pink background so much too.

  6. You´re so cute :)
    Kisses Emina