Monday, January 26, 2015

Classic Beats

Two part of the post: outfit + healthy eating. 

A lovely weekend spent trying to fix my passport and get it done so I can complete my traveling plans that was already made long ago. Updating passport and all can be such a complicated thing, can't believe I'm 18 and gotta handle all that by myself. 

Half casual outfit for the day since taking passport photos required some collar shirt, decided to go for the classic theme since the shirt reminds me of going back in time. 

The background of the photo was taken at my lovely house, can't believe got such nice place just in my own home and I just realized it today. 

Recently, I'm really into healthy eating and all since I don't wanna go out of shape during this long holiday and after much research getting a good body really comes down to a good diet. Without a good diet, no matter how much I exercise also not much result. 

So I started eating lean meat, like chicken breast which is my absolute favorite! Healthy steam vegetables and trying to cut down on potatoes and all the fastfood which used to be my favorite! Gotten this dish at Swensens @15.90 only, super affordable and yummy! 

Drinking more tea to burn fats around bellly! But I can't resist a little snacks which is the cupcake I gotten from one of the café near my house, I always love to visit there cause it's so serene and comfortable. Consider it a cheat day for me~ 

I can't stress how soda drinks are actually bad for people trying to achieve good body cause it's full of sugar and unhealthy!! So I switch from my lovable cola cola to green tea, it's a drastic change but all will be good!! Shall update more about it in 4 weeks time about my progress~ 

Thank you for reading (: so do you eat clean or what's your dieting plan?