Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Underweight- Skinny- Thin

I have been thinking of blogging about this topic for quite awhile and I decided to do it anyway. Life of a skinny girl, I don't see myself as skinny or anything but people usually calls me that so I kind of decided to blog about it. 

For your knowledge: 

Weight: 43kg which is 96 pounds 
Height: 163cm which is 5'4 
BMI: 16.3 

#1 Eating 

When you look skinny, people always make comments like " she isn't eating enough, "she should eat more" , " does she even eat" 

But the truth is that, I actually eat like 5-6 meals a day. Let me sum it up for you, what I eat for a daily meal. (When I am at home) 

Morning: Noodles/ Nasi Lemak/ Fried Chicken 

Lunch: Rice W Veggie + Fish/ Chicken / Mac Donald/ KFC 

Snacks: Potato Chips/ Chocolate/ Cookies/ Cake (I eat snacks about like 2-3 times a day) 

Dinner: Usually consisting of Rice+Veggie+ Chicken + Soup / spaghetti/ Steak/ Seafood related stuff. 

Supper: CupNoodle/ Dried Fruits. 

When I go out, I eat even more and yeah I am actually eating so much trying to gain healthy weight. 

#2 Exercise 

It's hard for others to understand that even when I look thin, there's still a need for me to exercise to look fit. And exercising actually helps me in my weight gaining allowing me to eat more throughout the day. 

Assumptions like : " why does she even exercise when she already look so thin, is she aneroxic ? " 

#3 Weight Gain 

The honest truth is I actually wants to gain weight badly at least to a healthy weight range to hit the healthy BMI range which is 18. 

But it's a really hard challenge for me to achieve weight gain, I actually stopped doing cardio but I ended up losing more weights so I am still trying to find the perfect weight gain plan for myself. 

#4 Temperature : Cold (Forever Cold) 

I always feel cold everywhere I go, it's such a bad thing. I can't explain how much I dislike it, I feel like I'm in a freezer whenever I watch a movie or stay at a cold place for too long. Probably it's due to my weight that causes this. 

I'm so envy of people that feel warm all the time. 

In total, no matter what size you're. You should always feel like you are perfect and no one should ever tell you to change unless you yourself feel like changing anything. 

It's like how I feel like I should gain weight because I want to be healthier for myself, not for anyone else or any other causes. Remember to love yourself, your body and be proud of who you're. 

Think before making any remarks about others body size cause no one knows about their struggles.

Thank you for reading! 


  1. I wish I was skinny,,,gonna eat more and exercise
    If you wanna gain weight you should probably try weight lifting and no you won't look bulky


  2. That food looks delicious and I love the skirt you are wearing the last photo!