Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Sudden thoughts while I am on my way to attend an appointment. 

Insecurity , everybody feel it at some point in their life. I certainly do have lots of insecurity about myself, insecurity in relationship is unhealthy but it's inevitable. 

Usually at the starting of any relationship, I tend to feel a little insecure over a lot of stuff cause when you first start out to date the person so whatever bad things they do, you tend to amplify it and make it worst in your head due to not knowing much about the person. 

For a period of time, I let this insecurity rule over me and my relationship with my significant other. This lead to quarrels, trust issues and unhappiness. 

After much thinking, I came up with some point that make people feel insecure when they're dating. 

#1 appearance 
#2 being not good enough 
#3 being afraid of losing someone 
#4 trust issues 

That's some point that I came up with. I used to be insecure about how I look, act infront of people and how I present myself. I always have this negative thoughts in my mind telling myself that I'm not good enough and being not good enough, I'll obviously lose my significant one and this lead to trust issues. 

After struggling with this insecurity issues for quite awhile, I decided to came to term and tell myself to not let this insecurity rule over me. 

Letting go of this "insecurity" is the best decision ever. I became happier and much more content in the relationship. For those for struggle with insecurity issues, you just have to tell yourself that you're good enough and if anyone ever make you feel like you're not good enough then you should let them go. 

Be confident, trust your significant others when they tell you stuff. It's like you can either trust your insecure feel and lead to quarrels or you can choose to trust your significant others and believe that he/she will not betray your trust. 

And please be patient with insecure people and try to make them feel secure and wanted ❤️ because love overcome all. Thank you for reading till the end~ 

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