Thursday, January 15, 2015

Trip to 99PercentHairStudio

Went to 99PercentHairStudio, to do some changes to my hair. 

You can locate them at : 

40 HajiLane #01-01 

Had my old hair color for quite awhile already so I decided to go for something different to commence the new year~ so 99PercentHairStudio is the best cause they have lots of ideas and will definitely help to achieve the best look. 

I consulted with my hair stylist, Jaron! Cause I wanted something natural that still suit my style so he came up with this idea of doing Balayage Ombré- the newest technique for doing hair. It's like a shadowing effect with different shades of color to make it look natural. 

The first steps involve dyeing, bleaching some portion of my hair, this is the main part of the Balayage Ombré. It's to create the casual look with dyeing random and bigger streaks which is currently the new trend. 

After it's done, the hair wash will wash out the first coloring and the hair is ready for the next step. 

Next, I get my whole hair dyed with a light brown color and touch up on my roots. 

Then I head over to another hair wash during the hair wash, they provided me with some treatment so that my hair will not be as damage after all the hair dyeing. 

#3 steps: trimming and cutting of my hair, I get my bangs and hair trimmed! Trimming of hair is important to keep it looking healthy. Hairstylist Jaron help me to trim my hair according to the style I want. (: 

Styling of hair! Getting my hair curl so that I can go out looking and feeling good after dyeing my hair. Love how the Balayage Ombré hair look so natural and it complement so well with curl hair. 

Hair dyeing process will usually be long but 99percenthairstudio provides magazine and some snacks to keep the wait endurable and happy. The hair styling team are friendly and just make the customer feels comfortable and at ease. 

Absolutely loving their hair studio services, I love how they can accommodate to my needs and wants. Giving me the perfect hair color and style that suits my personal style, definitely rocking my Balayage hair now.

 Do check them and follow them on their various social media for more updates (: if you're interested to make an appointment, call them up : 

Number: 63963667 

Instagram: 99percenthairstudio

Website: 99percenthairstudio

Facebook: 99percenthairstudio Facebook

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  1. Love your kimono and your new hair!