Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lunar New Year Day 2

Black isn't really an auspicious color and usually people go for the bright colors like red, orange and yellow for new year celebration but black will be the classic color for me! Bought this lovely dress few weeks back in preparation for the new year ❤️ so glad to be able to wear it. 

Lunar New Year this year consist of more relatives visiting and playing with my cousins. Everyday just consist of eating lots of good food, it's like waking up to eating rice-prawn-meat-vegetables which is rare since I very much prefer eating oatmeal, cereals with milk or toast for breakfast. 

A little off the usual diet is fine as long as I don't stray from my original diet for too long~ just being very busy lately but it's a nice kind of busy that help me keep my mind off lots of stuff. 

It's like when I am busy, I just don't think about things so much and it makes me really tired which allowed me to fall asleep easily. 

During this new year I also abstinence from exercising which is actually my favorite routine, making my muscle so relax over the 5 days and now I cannot wait to exercise and get back in action! ❤️ but I didn't gain any weight which was a surprised. 

So yay! 2015 new year is a success and I had so much fun ❤️ can't wait for more festive celebration to buy more clothes and eat lovely food! 


  1. Very pretty shots, sweetie! Just popping by to wish you & family a Happy CNY! xoxo