Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Shaved Ice Adventure

Strawberry Shaved Ice ? 

Decided to bring my friend to one of the shaved ice restaurant I saw while eating in Chinatown. The funny thing is my friend though I'm bringing her to a Korean BingSul restaurant but we ended up with the BingLang which is the Chinese/ Taiwanese Style ones but it's still as good. 

This restaurant is located at: 

Chinatown MRT, beside the food street. 

The restaurant is known as " 冰廊 ” BingLang. It sell different types of dessert: Beancurd, Waffles, (HOT) dessert, fresh fruit platters, ice cream and shaved ice mountain. A lot of varieties and the price range is quite affordable, around like $3-$12. 

We ordered the Fresh Strawberry Snow Ice since the photos I saw outside was really tempting and strawberry will always be yummy!! It's only $7.90 so if you share among two person, it'll just be $4.00 each. Quite worth the price(: 

But I expected more strawberry on the strawberry snow ice but it's still yummy, one good thing about the snow ice will be that even the ice is flavored so it doesn't taste too bland! 

Overall it's a fun and adventurous day with my lovely bestfriend ❤️~ we ate so much food everytime we meet up. 

Will love to try out more different shaved ice(: have you try to eat shaved ice before ? 


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  2. That shaved ice looks so yummy!


    1. Hehehe yes, it's yummy (: x