Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tattoo Tattoo Fun

I gotten a little spaceship on my wrist! Super love the adorable little design, I really love changing design and all so I gotten a temporary tattoo instead of the real thing. It's like this set of temporary tattoo in which you can buy from scape or shops that sell that kind of sticker, to paste it on your body. 

It's beginning to kick in and be my new hobby! Sourcing out all the cute designs and try it out, I gotten 3 of the sticker set for like $5 so it's around $1.68 per set. The sticker set range from cute design to cool design, there are even wordings one that you can try out. 

You might be wondering, how to use this set of temporary tattoos that look just like normal sticker~ I was thinking of the same question when I bought this until one of my friend taught me how to use it. 

#1 cut out the design you want from the set and then peel off the thin layer of sticker protection. 

#2 choose an area that you wanna apply on and press hard.

#3 Get any wet tissue or wet cotton bud, apply onto the sticker and waalaaa there's the lovely sticker. 

Probably, some people already know how to use it but I think there are still people like me that are clueless or maybe it's just me. 

I put one of the fishbone design on my collarbone cause the lovely fishbone is so cute! Gonna get rose or some other design after this fishbone come off~ 

In total, temporary tattoos are absolutely my thing cause it can be ever-changing and it can be so cute! Maybe in a few years time, I'll end up with a real tattoos if I finally decide upon a design but till then temporary tattoos will be something I'll have fun trying out. 

Thank you for reading (: 


  1. Where did you buy that adorable set?

    xoxo, ♥

    1. Bought it from some store in Singapore (: x