Monday, March 23, 2015

Prince Charming ? ❤️

Wearing my favorite strawberry flats for movie outing today with my friend! Since we are watching Cinderella so I thought strawberry flats can pass off as the glass slipper Cinderella wore. Too much into fairytale~ 

Cream pullover with my checkered jacket! The checkered jacket helps to define figure better if not I'll look as if I am wearing a trash bag out since the pullover is way too oversized. 

Today's an exceptionally fun and enjoyable day cause we got to watch one of the classic, Cinderella. It's so adorable and lovely kind of make every girls to want their own little fairytale to come true ❤️ . 

I guess I was looking for my Prince Charming in the right place and I stumbled upon Candylicious Bakery Chef. Always drawn to sweets and chocolate so whenever I see Candylicious store I'll explore around and that's how I found this little guy. 

Speaking of Prince Charming, everyone will ended up with different people in their life and I am sure everyone have their own little fairytale ❤️ . Prince Charming doesn't always have to be the best looking, smartest or richest, what I pick up from the movie are that the inside matters more than the outside. 

No matter how much beauty a person have if the person doesn't possessed a good kind heart then it doesn't really matters. 

"Have courage & Be kind" ❤️ 

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  1. Cute little shoes. The print is adorable.

    xoxo, ♥