Saturday, March 21, 2015

Want a little taste of heaven?

Unagi Mushroom Cheese Pizza? ❤️ love having Japanese food but want a little western mix to spice it out, perfect location to try out such food will definitely be : Shokudo Concept Cafê. 

Located : Cineleisure Level 2 #02-06A 

Their pizza with Unagi absolutely blown me away cause I really love both Japanese and Western Cuisine. So when I tried this I am like this taste so good cause the crust is so thin and the filling in the crust is so delicious, the cheese is just right plus the Unagi blend in so well with the whole pizza taste. 

Half boil egg with creamy spaghetti, when you mix in the egg with the spaghetti it gives the normal cream spaghetti a new different taste. That's very refreshing and leave a good after taste, the bacon is like an additional yay cause who doesn't look bacon! I can have bacon for breakfast , lunch and dinner! 

Mount Fuji Curry Omelette Rice! The name have such a good catch to it and never say no to Japanese curry, it's the best choice for people who love a little sweetness in curry. (: the dish also have the signature omelette rice but with a beef patty~ hehe it's like double the goodness! 

It reminds me of the famous SpongeBob SquarePants Crabby Patty(: 

Cute Little Roasted Honey Chicken Wings for my little taste buds! ❤️ yum yum, chicken = protein = healthy! A little chicken give me a little extra energy boost for the day and well roasted chicken always taste good so thumbs up. 

It's a long day but I had great food at Shokudo Concept Café (: it's absolutely a wonderful lunch. Wore my blue loose stripes top with some high waisted shorts for the #CNOS4 event today, it's absolutely fun~ lucky that I choose something comfortable so I don't have to fumble around throughout the thing. 

Sketcher Kicks to walk around the museum with my friend, it's really wonderful to go to museum to uncover and discover all the interesting there! (: There's this 700 YEARS exhibition hosting in the museum right now, it's worth the visit! 

Ending the post with my cute little iPhone6 cover for the day(: thank you for reading and do head over to Shoduko Concept Café to try out their yummy food, happy weekend! ❤️


  1. Mmm you're making me hungry

    xoxo, ♥

  2. That sounds like you spent amazing day!

  3. How delicious!

  4. That pizza looks so good!


  5. Nice shots! I've been to Shokudo for their pasta, but not pizza. Looking fwd to tasting their pizza too :D

    1. Hehe yes! (: x their pizza is so delicious ~!