Thursday, March 19, 2015

Travel Australia: Sydney

I am on a trip to Sydney, Australia! Let me share with you guys how to plan for a 6 days 5 nights trip in using less than $2000! perfect for student like me that want to travel alone. 

Been planning for this Australia trip for awhile and it's finally happening. Gonna go on a trip alone with my boyfriend for the first time ever for 6 days and 5 nights , we look through different website to find the cheapest air tickets cause it isn't really worth to spend too much on air tickets if it isn't traveling with family plus I am funding for the whole trip.  

I'll be going through different parts of the traveling : air tickets, staying, places we visit and the restaurant. ❤️

There are few sites to consider to get the cheapest air tickets:

Tried all the website and actually wanna book from skyscanner but realized the price is actually a bit more pricey compared to just booking off Flyscoot. .

Total price of air tickets for 2 : $1294
- Consisting of 20kg Luggage Check-In & Some insurance.
Price for 1 : $647

Next! Location, Location. Place to stay ~

We have decided to have breakfast&beds home-stay at one of the locals house. As you can see, I definitely gotten the best deal of $70 per night, so it's about $399 in total for 5 nights which is a great deal as compared to staying in hotel or motel. 

You can look through for the best price and location that suits your needs, gotta say the people hosting the b&b are really friendly especially in helping out with all my inquiries.

If you are travelling with friends, it's better to get this kind of service since it's cheaper than hotel room and can be split among the friends. It's like renting a whole house for the staycation. 

Spending lesser amount of money on rooms means more money for sightseeing, eating and shopping in Australia!

My parent gotten me a new pink luggage for the trip! So grateful for their little gesture, at first they are really against the idea of me traveling alone with my boyfriend but in the end they decided to trust me and give in, which I am really grateful about. They even gave me some funds to play around in Australia❤️ 

Packing all my stuff in the bag, it's actually very hard to stuff everything in my luggage as it's almost winter in Australia so it'll be quite cold there. That explained the thick clothing in my bag~ 

Total amount spent: $1049 
- air ticket, staying.

Along with some funds to bring for the trip it'll cost roughly about $1600-$1800 depending on how much you bring. 

Will update more about my trips in the next few days, do stay tuned!

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