Monday, June 15, 2015

A little bit of this & that

I am currently on my one week break, this is like my second one week break! It's the best time to SHOP in Singapore right now due to the major GSS Sales all over Singapore. ❤️ so I have been going to town areas and places in which I can shop to spend my holiday ~ 

During this time, I also love to explore around Singapore for new caf├ęs to try out different food and head to interesting places to take photos to add more colors to my album. 

Recently I also attended the Garena Carnival and met some of the people that watch my DJ Show. It's quite a brand new kind of experience, the whole Carnival was very exciting! Contemplating whether to blog about it or not ~ 

I finally get to try out Rainbow Cake after craving for it for like a super long time! After getting my first bite of the awesome rainbow cake , I realized it is not really different from other cakes and I actually felt that some other cakes taste a little bit better! Warning: Rainbow Cake Is Really Way TOO SWEET! 

Another new thing that I did was trying out French Food over at Poulet! It's super delicious and the price is reasonable enough~ definitely going back for more French food! 

Thank you for reading (: ending off the blogpost with a photo of my silly boyfriend! ❤️


  1. Nice post!!! <3

  2. love it :)
    kisses from dubai ♥

  3. Wow, stunning outfit, amazingly beautiful you!

  4. This is so cute! I really love it!

    ♘ ♘