Monday, August 31, 2015

Phi Phi Island (Failed) , Phuket

If you're planning to go Phi Phi Island then it's a must read for you to avoid doing the same mistake as us! We woke up at 930am and decided to head off to the Rassader Pier to get our tickets to Phi Phi Island. 

The cab fee: 500 baht to get there. 

We bought our two way tickets at about 1000 baht and we got on the boat right away but it took like 2 hours 15 minutes to arrive so we arrived about 1:15pm but we forgotten to check the last boat return timing which was 2:30pm so guess what! We only had 1 hour to roam around the whole island, didn't even have enough time to eat our lunch there. Super heartbroken. 

The second mistake we made was buying the return tickets at the harbor which cost 500 baht, if we actually buy it at the Phi Phi island it'll cost 300 baht! So don't make the same mistake guys~ 

The weather was especially hot at Phi Phi Island so our mood wasn't really exactly good plus the limit timing on the island make us extremely cranky. So do make sure you catch the first boat there at 830am so you'll have more time to play there~ 

Afterward, we sit the return boat @230pm and arrived at the harbor at about @445pm. Then we took one of the mini bus to Karon Beach to see the beach view and chill from the hectic day, it cost 150 baht/ person to sit the mini bus which is much cheaper than the cab. 

This beach look so magical during the evening time, with the amazing sunset and the clean blue sea. It looks like something that came out of those magazine which the editor probably photoshop the photos x10000 but this beach looks just as amazing as it's and I still can't believe how pretty it was. 

This beach is peaceful and quiet during the evening, it's a good beach to go if you're looking for something quiet instead of noisy beach like Patong. 

Then we head over to one of the seafood restaurant to have dinner, their food is like the best and the services was so friendly. I especially enjoyed myself there, it's one of the best restaurant I visited while I am in Phuket. 

Price: 800 baht 

Their squid is so big & juicy, my favorite! With their prawn, mussels, crabs and some fishes. It's like the best seafood platter ever, we managed to finish everything together and we even ordered two coconut cause we are too thirsty from eating. 

Then we ordered the pineapple fried rice with beef & Tom yum seafood soup. ❤️ 

Price: 400 baht 

This is the best dinner, it's so delicious and absolutely make up for the missed lunch. 

Thank you for reading ❤️❤️❤️ 


  1. Thanks for sharing those mistakes babe.
    I will definitely take note of that when i visit Phi Phil ISland.
    Btw lovin your red dress
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  2. Sounds like even though there were some struggles, you still had a fun day! Too bad you didn't get to spend more time there though. Lovely photos!
    xo Kiki

  3. So sorry that this happened to you! Anyways you still managed to snap lovely photos!