Monday, September 28, 2015

Mooncake Festival

Hey~ I'll be blogging about how I celebrated my mooncake festival ❤️ . During this few days, I celebrated with my parent and boyfriend. On the weekend, my family and I had a mini gathering over at my aunt's house to eat mooncake + drinking tea and we had so much fun talking. Then on the Sunday, I meet up with my boyfriend to have a lovely feast.

We had the JPot over at VivoCity for dinner, it's a hotpot and quite a popular food for this kind of festival. We ordered the set menu - $68 for 2 persons , enough for us to feel full! 

Then we head over to the Garden By The Bay to view the free festival decorations and show, when we arrived it was packed with people but we managed to find places with lesser people. We also bought the ice cream (mango) 

This ice cream tasted like mango juice (I guess it probably is) but it's really good. 

Then we decided to play with the lantern we bought, had such a hard time lighting the lantern and making it work but when we finally done it, it was so much fun 😂 

Then we decided to take some selfie with the lantern with the selfie stick and that's when the disaster happened, my phone fell out of the selfie stick and it landed in shattered (</3) , I was quite sad because I kind of just broke my phone 2/3 months back so I am thinking of changing my phone to iPhone 6s since my iPhone 6 is spoilt now.

In total, it was a very fun and lovely day spent! ❤️ another great day to add into my memories box. Thank you for reading, hope you have a lovely mooncake festival too. 


  1. They look yummy!

  2. That looks like a really neat festival!


  3. I'd love to try that food

    xoxo, ♥

    1. Hehehe try it the next time you come to singapore (: x