Friday, October 2, 2015

Luxola X Benefit Cosmetics

Luxola! The best place to get all your make-up, skin care etc is having a new brand launch on their website offering us more choices to connect with other famous brand.
Ladies, be thrill because the new brand that's working with Luxola will be Benefit Comestics! It'll be the first time ever for Benefit Comestics to be available online & only exclusively over at Luxola which make purchase simple and can be easily done online without the hassle to purchase at retail store! 

Got my hands on Benefit's Best Seller product which is the Rock Itude Rose Gold Lip & Cheek Kit. I am absolutely adoring it so much, it's so compact and lovely.
This set includes:
- Rose Tinted Stain (Benefit Cheek & Lip Stained)
- Rockateur Ultra Plush Gloss
- High Beam Luminscent Complexion Enhancer
- Rockateur Famously Provactive Cheek Powder

Check out the kit inside, it's pack so elegantly and everything about this just scream out "beautiful"! I absolutely adore blusher and high beam complexion enhancer since it's the 2 things that I always use in my make up rountine. 

This kit even have tips & tricks section to teach me how to apply the make up properly so that I don't mess up my own make up which is so helpful~ I love the rose gold color of this kit because it's soft and gentle just nice for this season.

I'll be using this for the time being until I find a better kit that I can work with! ❤️ so why not get your hands on some lovely kit from Benefit from the Luxola website ? The most simple & secure purchase ever ❤️ get yours now from:
Luxola X Benefit


  1. Lovely packaging.
    Seems interesting beauty products

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  2. The box is so cute

    xoxo, ♥

  3. Beautiful!

  4. I love the packaging and the benefit products are great!