Saturday, October 10, 2015


Loving the pale theme and background so much lately, I even thought about pale pink hair that I always wanted and nearly gotten during my crazy hair period and regretting that I didn't actually dye my hair to pastel pink or purple. 

Wore my white adidas sweater that I purchased a few months back, this sweater actually don't really goes well with the weather around here because it make me sweat so much but I just love this sweater color and its simplicity! 

With so much off-time during this break, I always ended up doing my online shopping so I bought a few clothes for the upcoming school term. I am more towards the pale and simple fashion trend since that's how I am feeling right now, just wanna be as pale as a vanilla ice cream or maybe cloud? 

Do you guys like sweater too? I adore the simple one color sweater as compared to sweater with designs, I just can't pull off sweater with designs because I will end up looking pretty weird. Time to stock up on my sweater collection for the month of November & December (Y) ❤️ 

Thank you for reading.