Monday, March 21, 2016

Choosing colors

You know that after traveling syndrome which you just miss everything and the time spent traveling ? I totally have it now, I miss having hotel breakfast (the vast amount of choice for breakfast is amazing) , miss walking around and exploring new places to snap new photos. It's just such a wonderful thing to travel, I'd love to travel more if it's not for exam and school. 

Decided to wore this baby floral top which I bought from Bangkok when I'm back and I'm absolutely loving it, it's the only blue purchase that I have while the rest are all in white color! I always ended up buying more white color clothings than other colors which is actually such a headache for me because I don't have much color choice to choose from: 

Even though I tell myself that I should totally try picking another colors instead but I just keep going back for more white x black because it just seems more appealing and the basic colors can matches better with outfits. Do you guys have this problem when it comes to choosing colors too? 

Nevertheless, I'm loving this top because of the adorable floral design on the clothing that look just right and the dark shades of blue actually looks better than I thought. 

I'll probably put up a hauls video for all my purchase over at Bangkok soon! So do keep a look out for it (: 

Thank you for reading. 


  1. You look so cute, love your bag

  2. What a great outfit! Absolutely love the top!

  3. You look really amazing, will start travelling again asap...


  4. You look really cute in this outfit, thanks for sharing!


  5. The style of this top is so cute, it really suits you! I know what you mean about wanderlust by the way, I think most of us wish life was one eternal travel around the world! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  6. You look stunning! :)
    xx Katha

  7. great outfit dear!!xoxo

  8. Hey gorgeous! I miss traveling every time i come back too! This top looks gorgeous on you

    Rachel xx

  9. Great photo's! love the look!

    x Merel

  10. That babydoll style is so cute and totally fits you well <3

    xoxo, Lastestbag - Best Bags For Women 2016