Saturday, March 19, 2016

Day 3 : Bangkok

After getting treatment for my eyes, I went and explore around Bangkok. We stayed at one of the hotel that's near all the night market and shopping centre so it's super accessible, this is one of the photo I took over at owl souvenir shop which you can buy an owl and customized it with your name.

Their shopping centre looks super modern and pretty, it's very different from chiang mai. We went around shopping and looking for places to high tea (:

Then we ended up in one of the hotel high tea, it's quite affordable that cost around $39 per person for this high tea set. There's 3 layer and I love their high tea snacks on all the layer, personally adore their scone the most.

Their night market are nice to walk around, it's perfect if you're looking for something cheap to buy like socks ? Traditional Souvenir ? Scented soap that comes in various design? Or just basically walking around for experience or some street food.

The milk bubble tea in Thailand taste super sweet and yummy, it's super cheap too which is like 39 baht which is only $1.00++ per cup of milk tea.

Dinner over at Bangkok! Seafood Palatte, a whole range of mussels, prawn and squids. The mussels and squids is a bit cold but it taste really good and yummy (:

With my brother! Thank you for reading (:

Here's a short vlog that I make during the trip, do check it out if you wanna find out what's there in Bangkok x Chiang Mai. x


  1. Your trip looks so fun! You look beautiful in this red dress and the photos with the bear are just adorable

    Rachel xx

  2. beautiful pics!have a great week..xoxo

  3. Wow Bangkok such a great place and I love all the photos!

  4. It looks so fun there, love your red dress

  5. I love visiting Thailand and it seems like you have an awesome time! The high tea looks amazing!


  6. The cut outs on your dress are lovely and the pics with the bear are super cute hun.
    Have a great start to the week babe xx