Tuesday, March 29, 2016

UP Your Instagram Game

Hello! Have you guys heard of the new upcoming Instagram update? The 30-70% logic where Instagram will no longer shows photos in order anymore but instead it'll show you what they think you wanna see (popular posts) and if you wanna see your friends update you gotta " turn on notification ? " . So I am writing this post to help you UP Your Instagram Game so you'll get a better chance of being seen and you might even get a new followers or two. 

Instagram: @birdieliau 

#1 Neat Feed 

Having a neat feed is so so important because that's the first time that people will see when they visit your Instagram. You can either posts all photos in full size or square (entirely depending on your interest) just make sure it align and doesn't look out of place. 

#2 Foodie Gram 

People usually visit Instagram to look at photos to get connected with people with same interest and hobbies, if you're into clean eating or healthy diet you can always posts delicious yummy food photos or even yoga or gym photos. This will become a motivation and people will come to your feed regularly for more~ 

#3 FlatLays Gram 

Or you can have a whole FlatLays Layout on your Instagram, it is one of the hottest trend on Instagram and it is really cute to look at to get some inspiration from there. It can range from show casing your food to even fashion stuff. 

#4 Theme Theme Theme 

Try to have a kind of theme or same color photos ? You can have the white theme (pretty popular on Instagram) , blue theme (really smoothing to the eyes) or the grudge theme (quite cool) all these different theme appeal to different people on Instagram. 

#5 Hold on your selfie 

I know how selfie can play such a big part of our life (maybe) and how we just love taking selfie with people when we go out but probably posting too much selfie on Instagram kind of bored people out so do try to include beautiful view photos, food photos and maybe outfits photo once in awhile to make the feed look as interesting as possible. 

#6 1-2 times a day 

Lastly, don't post your photos too often. Quality > Quantity , a good photo content will be sure to win 1000 bad photos. 

So that's all my tips to UP the Instagram game, so do let me know what you think or what other tips you have got? Do check out my Instagram too @birdieliau . 

Thank you for reading (: have a lovely day ahead of you


  1. Great tips! Love some of this inspiration...need to look into flatlays more ;)
    Have a great day,
    Christina ♥ https://caliope-couture.com

  2. Your Instagram feed is great! Thanks for your tips!

  3. Great tips! I feel like I am never happy with my Instagram theme, its so difficult to get conistency.
    Hope your day is fab!

  4. You have such a lovely feed, no wonder you have so many followers :D Love it! Thanks for the tips honey.
    The Fancy Cats

  5. These are great tips, I want to do more food photos

  6. Oh I love the flatlays that you showed. All white is so cool!

    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

  7. I've been sticking to a minimalist feed since I started on Instagram, and it's just so much fun to organise! Flat lays are so much fun to do as well <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  8. great post darling!xoxo

  9. Great post, loved it!!

    X Merel